Saturday, March 8, 2014

Birchbox February 2014 review

Birchbox teamed up with US weekly to curate February's box.


The first look.

The cost: $10.00 a month

 Each month, Birchbox includes a card describing the items in the box along with the full size value.

Smashbox Full Exposure Palette - ? sample

This was the beauty extra. It is essentially a little eyeshadow on a piece of paper. Although the photo doesn't really show it, this sample was ruined because the beauty protector oil leaked during shipping.

Smashbox Cosmetics Full Exposure Mascara - $7.18 (deluxe sample)
Ruby Wing Color Changing Nail Polish in Kitten Heels - $5.00 (deluxe sample)

I have a ton of mascara as it is, and this stuff isn't all that special. It isn't terrible, but I have some that I prefer over this one.
I tried this nail polish and I love the pink! I couldn't get the color to change outside, but I wasn't outside for long and I put on 2 or 3 coats of it, which may affect it.

COOLA Tinted Matte SPF 30 for Face - $3.60 (sample)
Beauty Protector Protect & Oil - $2.00 (sample)

I am big fan of Coola and I can never have too much from them.
I really wish these oil samples were sealed because it leaked in the box (which birchbox was quick to fix and sent me a replacement box (I will be posting the review of the second box). I have oil hair and skin, so I don't like putting oil on my skin or in my hair, so I will be passing this on to someone who might use it. It does smell good though!

The bottom line -

I paid $10.00 for this and received around $18.00 worth of stuff (not including the eyeshadow card). Not the best value, but still more than I paid. I will keep the nail polish and Coola sunscreen for sure. I may keep the mascara as an emergency back up in my car or something, but I will be passing on the oil and throwing away the eyeshadow card. I was really hoping for some full sized products in here, so that was a little disappointing.

Hopefully March's box will be better!

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