Monday, January 6, 2014

Stunner of the Month Review

Stunner Of The Month is a monthly subscription service that sends a new pair of sunglasses each month. 

The first look.

The cost: $9.00 per month
use coupon code trystunner to get your first month free.

I received "The Stargazers" in my box. I was a little confused...actually, I still am. Each pair comes with a little card about the "stunners" you have received and for this pair the card says
"You're stargazing on the Winter Solstice... Its 12/21/12 and the anticipation of the end coming is unbearable...."
(there is more to the card but this was the important part for me) To me, this tells me, these sunglasses were sent out around the date on the card, which was over a year ago. StunMo says on their site they
 "We set out to travel the world to gather the newest, coolest styles in fashion eyewear."
 "As a member of Stunner of the Month, you will receive a new style of hand selected sunglasses every month from our Collection."
 If these glasses were sent out over a year ago, how new are they, really?

Now, with that out of the way, I will get onto the business at hand, the sunglasses. The sunglasses seem a bit too 'youthful' for my tastes. But once again, my four-year-old loves them.
They also included some fun stickers with my glasses! One that looks like the stickers/labels on the boxes mailed out during the holidays (red and green with a red bow) and one that looks like a Valentine's Day themed sticker. And the third, is a pair of zebra striped glasses.

The bottom line:

These sunglasses are not for me and I am confused by the card included with my glasses. However, they make my daughter smile, so I will be giving Stunner of the Month another try next month.

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