Thursday, November 14, 2013

BIrchbox November 2013 Review

Birchbox has long been my most anticipated box. The value is always amazing and, more importantly, I use most of them! Unfortunately, this box didn't fulfill my expectations. It looks like I got one of those "punishment" boxes I have heard rumblings about (on MUT).

Before I begin, I think it is important to note that, while the value of this box is low and the majority of the products I will not use, it isn't all bad and Birchbox has been pretty good to me, so I won't be letting it go any time soon.

The first look.

Tocca Crema Da Mano - $5.00 (sample - 1 oz.)
Color Club Nail Polish Harlem Nights in "Baldwin Blues" - $4.00 (sample - .25 oz.)

I am incredibly picky when it comes to my hand cream and facial cleaners. This hand cream smells pretty good and works like most other hand creams. It won't be replacing my go-to cream, but it might make a good back up.
I am not a huge fan of Color Club polish, but I like it. It doesn't chip easily and their color selection is nice. 

Mighty Leaf Tea Tea Pouches - $1.99 (sample - 3 pouches)
The Balm Stainiac - $2.25 (sample - .04 oz.)
Miss Jessie's Leave In Condish - $1.38 (Sample - 1 oz.)

I do not like tea, not this kind of tea, so I will be passing this on to my great Grandma
I am one of those lucky ladies with a natural rosy complexion and my lips are pretty big all on their own (hence my lack of fondness for anything you apply to your lips other than lip balm/chap stick), so I don't need any help for that. This will be going into the gifting box
I also don't like to use leave in conditioner. A lot of women do, but I just don' the gifting box!

The bottom line:
The total value of this box is a little less than $15.00. I paid $10 for the box. The value is still above what I paid, but it is the lowest value of any of my year + subscription boxes, and I am not talking just birchbox. I will only use one, possibly two of these products, which is a huge bummer for me. Hopefully next month will make up for this one.

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